Verified Access to Global Trade. How It Works

1. Register

Register your company and begin posting products of your goods. As a registered user you will be able to view, buy & sell products from commodity traders around the world and receive offers for the goods you list on the marketplace.

2. Get Verified

Trust is a key element in every successful transaction, and we know how important it is to deal with a verified counterparty. To view the offers you receive, you must first complete our tier 1 verification process.

3. Gain Access

As a verified user you will gain full access to ALIRO and all its features. You will be able to view company details, submit offers, and get in touch with the counterparty directly through the platform.

What We Offer

The platform hosts the following range of features specifically tailored to commodities trading:

Products Database

A comprehensive products database of bulk agricultural commodities listed by traders located in the US & Canada, Central America, European Union, and Eastern Europe regions

Product Database

Integrated Messenger

An integrated messaging application that hosts a fluid system of file sharing and tracking.

Integrated Messenger

Contract Management

A contract management system that organizes key information and allows users to request samples, submit offers, and negotiate contracts without leaving the portal.

Contract Management

Counterparty Legitimacy

Trust is very important to us, and all of our users must go through our KYC compliance process in order to have access to the platform. Our verification tiers range from 1 through 3, in which we verify the legal existence of the enterprise and the scale of operations.

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