Our clients are businesses operating in the agricultural commodity trading space.

No. Agents need to register a corporation to conduct business on the platform.

Aliro is a global platform, which supports businesses operating in over 200 markets. Due to
certain restrictions, however, Aliro is not able to provide services to businesses operating in
the following countries: North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Myanmar.

Only limited functionality is available to clients that have not completed our KYC verification
process. Unverified accounts are only able to create buy and sell product listings. After
completing the KYC verification process, clients are provided with full access to the platform
and all its features. In addition, the level of trust and security enjoyed by users rises with
each tier of verification.

At the moment it is completely FREE to use for registered users. In the future, we plan to
introduce a modest annual subscription fee.

No. Aliro is not a brokerage and does not charge broker or agent fees.

No. There are no hidden fees on the Aliro platform.

Aliro supports the creation of product listings in 2 currencies: USD and EUR.

No. Aliro provides functionality to create customizable contracts with prices and volumes
negotiated between the buyer and seller.

No. Aliro does not provide standardized contracts. Customizable contracts created on the
platform are not securitized; hence, there is no ability to resell them to other users of the
platform. Only businesses making a shipment or receiving a delivery are able to use the

At the moment — no. However, we are actively working with our banking partners to add
this popular feature to our platform.

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